The eyes of the Crypto World are focused in today on what’s next from 23 year wiz kid Vitalik Buterin.

At the third annual DevCon in Cancun, Mexico, Vitalik Buterin gave a speech on the upcoming changes to Ethereum. Ethereum comes with a carefully thought out plan of changes, avoiding the drama and discussion surrounding the form of Bitcoin.

Despite the good news, Ethereum has sank below $300, as altcoins were under pressure from the rise in Bitcoin. Ethereum sank to $281.45, losing more than 6% in the past 24 hours, reports Cryptovest.

Notably at the heart of the vision is a long-in-the-making technical change to ethereum called “sharding,” and while always expected to be included in the protocol’s plans, today Buterin proposed what might be his most solidified strategy for the technique to date.

As such, the roadmap hints at problems yet to be solved on the platform, and puts the emphasis on scalability for project developers. As ethereum nodes need to store everything that ever happened on the network, Buterin stressed that there’s a need for solutions that mitigate expensive storage costs that could escalate exponentially as the system expands.

Other less prominent features of the plan include long awaited planned upgrades to the ethereum virtual machine (EVM), the ground breaking technology that today compiles smart contract code and communicates it to the network.

Another project, eWASM, which is for running ethereum in a web browser, one that hints at the necessity of ensuring this system given that the EVM has been implemented in other blockchain projects as well.

Interestingly , another idea proposed was for so-called “stateless clients,” a proposal for how clients could immediately sync with the network more quickly.

“You’ll be hearing about this idea more and more,” he said. He openly invited developers to contribute to the effort. Github is the place to go.



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