2017 may turn out to be known in the Crypto world, as the year of the ICO.  The all time ICO’s raised to date is now exceeding $3 Billion.  As we approach the end of 2017, however, there doesn’t appear to be much action behind all of those offerings.  Which ones are actually being put to use on their various decentralized apps and platforms?

Token Report, the world’s largest database of verified information on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), has released data on the number of digital currencies actively in use. Of the 226 ICOs in Token Report’s database that have completed, 20 of those cryptocurrencies, or just under 1 in 10, are actively in use, excluding ether, reports Coin Report.

The projects with cryptocurrencies in use are:

Voxelus (VOX)
PopChest (POP)
Wings (WINGS)
Spells of Genesis (EDS)
Storj (STORJ)
Counterparty (XCP)
Sia (SIA)
Augur (REP)
Pepe Cash (PEPECASH)
Omni (OMNI)
Book of Orbs (ORB)
Chronobank (LH)
Bitconnect (BCC)
Kin (KIN)
Footballcoin (XFC)
Neo (NEO)
Nxt (NXT)
TenX (PAY)
Iota (IOTA)
Cofound.it (CFI)
No entirely impressive.  Token Report founder and CEO Galen Moore raises a good point, “This type of data can help evaluate future investments and indicate larger trends in token utility.”
Charts: Courtesy of Coindesk


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