Mark your calendars 11/28/17.  Bitcoin has crossed the $10,000 barrier.  Despite all of the recent negative press, Bitcoin continues it’s meteoric rise.  But why?

As Max Keiser states, “I think we are seeing fiat currencies in a hyperinflationary collapse against Bitcoin.”

“Bitcoin is a perfect currency, something that is utterly changing the global finance and market and is putting banksters and the central banks out of business. It should be applauded because they’ve been horribly bad actors. We need to get rid of them and let Bitcoin transform our world.”

The number one virtual token has already achieved major milestones during its eight years of existence. To honor Bitcoin for its accomplishments, here are several factors about it:

Parabolic trajectory

Bitcoin follows a parabolic trajectory – According to Investor Parabolic Trav, the price of the number one virtual currency could reach an unthinkable $110,000 per token price based on his own personal analysis.

Based on December 2016 estimates, Bitcoin has already surpassed Finland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in terms of market capitalization (cap), reports Cointelegraph.

Based on data from Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin has a current market cap of $155 bln and is about to overtake Ireland and Denmark on the list.

Can this continue?  With the addition of CBOE derivatives market in December, it’s looking like this run could last a while.


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