Bitcoin is missing a key ingredient to spring board it’s value.  Institutions.

The market cap of crypto will explode and pass $500 mln, and start to head to $1 tln. But how – I hear you say? Simply through institutional money, which is ready, willing, and able to pile in, reports Cointelegraph.

So what happens to the price of crypto, to BTC? Doubles, trebles and more…overnight. The crypto indexes will polarise into securities that tokenise assets as well as equities, and those that don’t, with app tokens that are products and services.

How do I know? All we have to do is create the conditions. We have done just that, a new approach to ICOs starting from the perspective of regulation and compliance where we are able to meet the needs of institutional investors, which opens the flood gates.

It’s not quite the $500,000 forecast cybersecurity legend John McAfee wagered his manhood on, but Aaron Lasher, co-founder and CMO of Breadwallet, sees bitcoin’s market cap exploding to as high as $5 trillion within the next 10 years. That would put a single bitcoin in the ballpark of $250,000.

He warned, however, that there could be some serious pain along the way, reports Marketwatch.

He isn’t just bullish on today’s leading cryptos either. Lasher said he expects that, within 10 years, there will be 10 digital currencies worth more than $25 billion each. As it stands now, ethereum at $36 billion is the only one besides bitcoin to top that level, according to

Ronnie Moas, founder of Standpoint Research, is making the case cryptocurrencies will not only be a decade-long trend, but a viable asset class.

In fact, he’s going so far as to call for a massive rise in the market cap of cryptocurrencies. His prediction? The total value of all cryptographic assets, today valued at $150 billion, will soar to $2 trillion over the next 10 years.

And in a new interview, Moas walked CoinDesk through his forecast, explaining how it stems from his fundamental analysis of the capital markets and the broader macroeconomic trends he now sees in place.

Moas believes that a conservative estimate is that at least 1 percent of the $200 trillion now tied up in stocks, cash, gold and bonds will migrate into cryptocurrencies over the next decade, reports Coindesk.

In that case, he says, “Bitcoin could end up with a market capitalization that is more than Amazon and Apple combined.”

Under this scenario, that would mean that the current market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies would naturally grow.

And if Moas’s market capitalization targets are correct, investors would then receive a 1,250 percent return on their cryptocurrency investments made today.


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